The Korsh Theater was opened in 1885 in Petrovsky lane and it was the only private theater which had successfully been working for many years in Moscow. Bright, creative and prosperous living of the theater was the merit of the well-educated, intelligent and ambitious founder and entrepreneur Fyodor Adamovich Korsh.
The Korsh Theater had its precious advantages. Firstly, the theater as our restaurant was located in the heart of Moscow. The theater was built in the distant 19th century in just 100 days and its amazing architecture became an ornament of the capital center. In the modern time the theater received the status of a cultural monument of the Russian Federation, for its beautiful facade of pseudo-Russian style and cozy interiors.
In the Theatre there were held important meetings changing the course of history and bringing profit and fame to the theater guests. For example, in the Korsh theater buffet, where our restaurant is located now, K.S. Stanislavsky met A.P. Chekhov the first time in history. That acquaintance had become a reason for the Theatre to take the first place in the world.
Secondly, Korsh invited the best theater actors of the World, who could challenge the imperial theater colleagues with their skills. We also have already invited the first-class chefs to create dishes at art level in our buffet.

The whole Moscow knew that every Friday there was a premiere at the Korsh Theater. And indeed every week in the theater a new play was performed with a plot of Russian classics or with European repertoire with performance of the first-class troupes.
Following Korsh traditions we have made varied menu with Russian and European cuisines, and every Friday you can try special delights by our chefs who will be happy to offer you their unique aesthetics of their cooking art.
Along with the elitism Korsh inherited the democracy. On weekdays there were held the Korsh morning performances. Moscow viewers could see the same performances as in the evenings at the reduced price in the first half of the day. The popularity of the theater had increased with that possibility.
You can also find special offers and inexpensive but elegant business lunches in the Korsh Theater restaurant.
We will be honored to see you at the Korsh Theater restaurant where you can discover the old theater cuisine, meet famous people and taste the art. The number of tickets is limited.